altmedworld | Indian board of alternative medicines fake? A Big and resounding NO is the answer

There is no denying that allopathic medicines have saved a billion lives. However allopathic medicine is unable to do it in a holistic and healthy way like the alternative medicine. In fact the natural practitioners rely on various natural therapies in order to maintain and restore your health. Look around and you would be amazed to find that a number of alternative techniques such as chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic, acupuncture and many more are in constant demand.

Of course the traditional Indian medicine has a 5000-year-old history and has been used by millions. The traditional medical systems were considered esoteric, obscure and shrouded in mysticism. However ‘alternative’ systems have gained attention as it typically focuses on overall health. InIndian Board of Alternative Medicine Fake fact it has also shown remarkable and swift results even in chronic illnesses like diabetes, Leucoderma, cancer as well as hard to cure diseases like arthritis, asthma and even AIDS.

The good news is, people have finally taken an interest in the benefits of holistic treatments and alternative medicines. Well, does that ring a bell? Yes, we are talking about the lucrative career which the alternative medicine courses provide. Neither alternative treatment nor the Indian board of alternative medicines fake. And now the interested students can join the reputed natural health schools for professional, alternative health course in this particular field of study. Yes, it is all about achieving a bright career in holistic health care and the new age alternative medicine course offers you that.

Yes, the strategically designed course thus provides you the required training, which you may need to be able to offer holistic treatment to the patients through harmonizing the modalities of complementary medicine. The holistic medicine schools thus play a pivotal role in instructing the students about the many diverse natural tricks in encouraging natural techniques and spiritual health. Sure it’s all about practicing the assorted holistic healing methods in order to carry forward the insight of the speckled culture, mores and modalities of healthcare. There is no denying that natural medicine improves physical, emotional and mental health. It also helps by supporting the spiritual and psychic growth while offering a complete sense of wellness. Needless to say with the incredible rise in the demand of natural health care practitioners, taking alternative medicine as a career option can truly be the most lucrative step for any student.

The idea is however simple which is to spread this fine technique among today’s generation globally. Indian board of alternative medicines is not fake and has been conducting various holistic programs to help the students. The courses are well designed to render a complete understanding on different fields of holistic medicine and also cover all the diverse disciplines of this technique.

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is duly registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860. IBAM is the only organiIndian Board of Alternative Medicines Fakezation in India to be recognized by and affiliated to the United Nations University of Peace (an International Intergovernmental University, established under UN Resolution No.35/55/5/XII/80) and duly recognized by the Government of India which is a signatory to the international agreement for the establishment of the University and Peace Charter of the University of Peace of the UN. IBAM is also affiliated to the International Association of Educators for World Peace (Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC, UNICEF and UNESCO) and the Indian Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations for the United Nations.

The Accreditation papers are available on

To apply for a course, it is best contacted the Department of Admissions of the Board available on / 0091-33-24868964.