About Indian board of alternative medicine registration and accreditation

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine FakeYes, we agree, the term is not clearly defined however the term “alternative medicine” has a wide and broad sense, ranging from the use of herbs and other natural elements to psychological treatments. Honestly, one of the main reasons why people do not often opt for conventional treatments is because of its side effects. In fact, patients often suffer for months due to the side effects which the conventional treatment might cause. And this is exactly where alternative medicine and therapies play their part in curing illness, pain and symptoms of the diseases, naturally, and without any side effects. As an obvious result studying alternative medicine has been gaining a northward momentum. In this regard Indian Board of Alternative medicine Kolkata shines bright! It’s time to learn about Indian board of alternative medicine registration and accreditation! For the uninitiated; the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is a Government registered institution Registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860.

Before we delve further about the role played by the Indian board of alternative medicine let’s analyse orthodox medicine and alternative medicine

Orthodox medicines seek to fix and repair and not to support from within. It is the provider-dominated field offering rather narrow range of choices; by contrast, Alternative Medicine offers a vast and growing range of choices.

Orthodox Medicine is all about a highly restricted but balanced diet; on the other hand the Alternative therapies are like an endless pick-and-mix banquet from nature. An Internationally Recognized Government Registered Institution of Complementary and Alternative Medicines providing correspondence courses, international conferences and world-wide research in the field of complementary and alternative medicines. Alternative medicine is the next big thing in the ever evolving field of medical career. However you should choose a legitimate and registered academy. Indian board of alternative medicine registration needs a noteworthy mention here – The Accreditation papers are available on http://altmedworld.net/ibam_recognition_accreditation_validity.htm

Indian board of alternative medicine registration & affiliation at a glance –

University for Peace (Created by United Nations General Assembly)

International Association of Educators for World Peace (Consultative Status with United Nations ECOSOC, UNICEF and UNESCO)

Indian Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations for the United Nations.


Is Indian board of alternative medicines fake? closer look at the background of the Board!

2Alternative medicine schools and universities gave been playing a staggering role in the career landscape of the medical field. Relevant questions still prevail – Is alternative medicine at all effective? is Indian board of alternative medicines fake? The answer is somewhat written on the wall and is always a bold No, whatsoever! Sure students are trying to find out the leading schools and colleges for adding a facet to their medical career. This is where the most sought after and of course the accredited Indian board of alternative medicine Kolkata has been playing its part.

Let’s take a closer look at the background of the Board!

Aims & Objectives of the IBAM

To promote, propagate and advance the science of alternative systems of medicines

To advance the scientific study and professional practice of alternative medicines

To enhance the contribution of alternative medicines by encouraging its development by promoting research and setting high standards of professional ethics

To maintain the honour and dignity and to uphold and safeguard the interests of alternative systems of medicine and other allied subject

To certify, permit, supervise and maintain a register of practitioners possessing degrees, diplomas or certificates etc

To determine a uniform code of conduct for practitioners registered by the Board

To improve public health in accordance with the principles of alternative systems of medicine

To undertake publications relating to alternative medicines

To establish, organise, finance and maintain dispensaries, hospitals, research institutes etc. of alternative systems of medicine.

To help the nation to arrive at the goal that by the 20th century health will be for all

To certify, establish, organize, finance and maintain manufacturing laboratories of medicine

About the Indian Board Of Alternative Medicine Kolkata

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is a leading educational academy, which offers a high standard of academic programs via means of regular classes and distance education, in the various alternative therapies.

IBAM conducts correspondence courses, personal contact programmes and clinical and practical training in varied disciplines of complementary and alternative medicines.

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines Kolkata is not fake! It has successfully organized a number of international and national conferences which were attended by renowned doctors, practitioners and delegates from all over the world besides a host of dignitaries and eminent persons from all walks of life. These events provide a platform to the alternative medical fraternity to congregate.