No, the Indian Board of alternative medicine is indeed not fake!

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Fake 1The world is now going round and round about the significance of alternative medicine in treating leukemia and other deadly diseases! Also; a growing trend in crafting career in alternative medicine is also largely seen. The name of Indian Board of alternative medicine comes here. No the Indian Board of alternative medicine is indeed not fake. Basically the internationally recognized government registered institution of complementary and alternative medicines providing correspondence courses, international conferences and world-wide research in the field of complementary and alternative medicines.

IBAM is here to certify, permit, supervise and maintain a register of practitioners possessing degrees, diplomas or certificates etc. of the Board or from any college or institution of alternative medicines either affiliated to the Board, or any authentic institute, and practitioners who have experience in any branch of alternative systems of medicine by award of a Registration Certificate to them. Such a practitioner shall be known as a Registered Medical Practitioner (R.M.P.).

We started this blog post with a statement which conforms to the incredible popularity of the alternative medicine in treating leukemia. Let’s take a deeper look. If your near one is afflicted with this disease you may want to read further to find out about the alternative treatments. For the uninitiated, leukemia is a type of cancer that starts in the blood forming cells. While the bone marrow produces both white and red cells, however when this disease takes flight an overabundance of white cells are produced. These abnormal white cells then attack the good tissue.

Nutritional Therapy – This helps in treating leukemia as the patient stick to a nontoxic diet completely. Fresh fruits, multi grains and a well balanced diet thus give your body what it needs.

Naturopathic Medicine – To be honest, a naturopathic doctor dips his feet in both traditional and natural treatments however the only difference is, the naturopathic practitioner however digs deeper, as he looks for the cause which can lead to the cure.

The Alternative practitioner thus works on a natural and spiritual level of healing.

And if you are still raising your eyes in anticipation – neither the alternative medicine nor the Indian board of alternative medicines are fake rather it is based on hundreds of years of passing on knowledge, scientific fact and on the ultimate belief that your mind holds enormous power for healing.


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