Indian board of alternative medicines fake? The bigger picture is here

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines Fake

The concept of alternative medicine has gained significance. People are looking for less invasive, side effect less and holistic treatment process. As an obvious result more and more people are looking at alternative medicine as typically a career option. Indian Board of alternative medicine has stood apart as a big name. Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is legally constituted, internationally recognized and the largest institution of Alternative Medicine in India. Indian Board of alternative medicines fake, no and is duly incorporated under Act XXVI of 1961 of Government of West Bengal, based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860, Literary & Scientific Institutions Act, 1854.

The Diploma, Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate programs are duly chartered under the memorandum of the IBAM which has been accepted by the concerned department for registration. Moreover the rights of the practitioners of Alternative Medicine are duly protected under Article 19 of the Constitution of India.

Students are considering the significance of alternative medicine in crating their career. With this comes another pertinent question – what are the subheads of alternative medicine?

Here’s a quick list of alternative techniques:

Acupuncture: This typical form of alternative healing includes using very thin needles on pressure points or energy centers for treating a number of illnesses.

Ayurveda: It is a varied collection of whole-body treatments with a staggering amount of success ratio

Chiropractic medicine: Well, it is all about adjusting the bones, tendons and ligaments treat a number of medical conditions

Herbalism: Using herbs and sometimes other plant, fungus, and animal pieces for treating disease

Homeopathy: It is however a scientific process of treating conditions with tiny amounts of substances, which in large doses in fact cause the problem in the first place

Hypnosis: possibly you know this already, it is an altered state of awareness made up of both concentration and relaxation

Meditation: It is the age old process of practicing focused reflection to achieve the ultimate mental calm

Naturopathy: It is however a multi-disciplinary field using natural alternatives to treat illness

Yoga: It is about finding balance between the physical, mental and spiritual elements

Neither alternative medicine nor the Indian board of alternative medicines fake. Alternative medicine is typically a broad and mainstream medicine in the variety of treatments available. This training programme is for the benefit of the large number of students and at the same time the board conducts workshops and seminars on different alternative therapies, traditional medicine and holistic healing in general.

Besides practical training, the Board also conducts clinical training on a monthly basis. New and innovative methods of teaching are employed by an experienced faculty, the emphasis being on simulating an environment akin to that which students are likely to experience in their professional practice.



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