Is Indian board of alternative medicines Kolkata fake? Simply out of question

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That’s right; you can in fact study a whole different element of alternative treatments which includes but not limited to herbalism, homeopathy, aroma therapy, holistic nutrition, holistic medicine stress management and counseling. In fact, these are just few of the most exciting career fields, which you can enter after earning alternative medicine and health degrees online.

In this context it won’t be out of place to mention about the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.

The Indian board of alternative medicines fake, no it is not and the nation’s foremost organization in the field of Alternative Medicines. It has a membership of over 70,000 practitioners and over 200 affiliated centers all across the country and 60,000 centers across the globe.

Well, it is always better to become an expert in one particular area and specialize, however the need and significance of understanding the many aspects of alternative medicine is also equally important. Get it straight here; the sheer philosophy behind the alternative medicine is pretty compelling especially because it emphasizes a whole new holistic approach towards health and vitality.

The students at the Indian Board of Alternative medicine Kolkata are provided with the opportunity to participate in Local/National/International conferences organized by the IBAM. These events are the annual feature, which provide students with a platform to exchange ideas and information, interact with doctors and therapists of international repute, and generally broaden their horizons.

Keep in mind, irrespective of the specialty of the holistic medicine you choose, you are still working on the typical framework of the organs and system of the human body after all. Moreover, you also gain the ultimate understanding of how exactly the body responds to the environment to the overall betterment of health.

What if your profile does not match with the eligibility criteria?

If the profile of the student does not match with the eligibility criteria of the courses the students will be provided with the suggestions by the IBAM experts regarding the course which will match with the student’s profile.

Indian Board of Alternative medicine is not fake! Here a unique intense practical and clinical programme of 10 – 30 days duration is held every month. This training programme is for the benefit of the large number of students and at the same time the board conducts workshops and seminars on different alternative therapies, traditional medicine and holistic healing in general.


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