Indian board of alternative medicines and the fake ID card story

The morning sun entered the office room denying the glass wall. Professor Reddy was sitting behind the dark Oak table. He was almost invisible owing to the heap of examination papers which were neatly staged right on his table top. And it was right then there was huge noise which almost shook professor from within.

“It’s gross!” – Professor could clearly hear the voice of Professor Reema Bedi, the experienced meditation teacher, serving at the Indian Board of alternative medicines Kolkata. Something must be seriously wrong somewhere – Professor Reddy thought aloud and leaving the papers he rushed downstairs.

untitledHe met other professors right on the track and to his horror he learnt a fact – almost every little thing can be reproduced these days and the fake items most of the time looks exactly like their original counterpart. Yes, we are talking about the recent news if fake identity card here at the Academy. Fake Id cards may not be simply witnessed at the Hollywood movies however fake id cards are now almost spread around the entire world and here at the Indian board of alternative medicines we have recently learnt this.

To cut the long story short, five UG students tried entering the examination hall with fake ID Cards. Fret not – they were all caught, heavily penalized and punished.

The investigating officer has quite rightly said – “the fake items for instance the fake electronic products, fake cds and even fake money and nowadays the fake ID cards have made their way into modern living.”

The UGA student was the alleged ringleaders and all the five students were charged in the indictment with five felony counts each of manufacturing and distributing the fake identification documents containing unauthorized seals.

Professors were shocked and so were the students but as they say life often comes with not so nice surprises – the fact holds true for the recent ID card fake incident that happened at the Indian board of alternative medicines.1

Sure alternative medicine has a rich and long history.

Alternative medicine is all about striking the right natural balance in order to yield maximum benefit. With this yet another question hangs in the breeze –

Is Indian board of alternative medicines fake? Not at all and the Accreditation papers are available on

We believe that the sheer popularity of holistic medicines over the conventional method is leading more and more students to pursue alternative medicine studies as a lucrative career.


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