Indian board of alternative medicines fake Id card news

“I was not at fault” – the guy looked straight at the eyes of the officer in charge. His eyes moistened.

There were few others. Total five of them. They were all looking at each other as the officer in charge and his crew started interrogating them about the fake ID Card.

Denying the tinted glass wall, the golden hue of the morning sun entered right into the room where the five guys were sitting with the investigating team. Wait, it is not any excerpt of any mystery murder novel but a real scene from a very reputed college.untitled1

Yes, it is the recent incident which took the campus of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine by storm. Yes, five guys tried entering the examination hall with fake ID cards. They were caught, heavily penalized and punished.

There is no denying that every little thing can be reproduced nowadays. Interesting part is, fake items almost look exactly like their original counterpart. In fact fake items like the fake electronic products, fake makeup products, fake cds and even fake money has made their way into modern living. Little do we realize that fake ids are also there in the ever increasing list of the fake ID cards!

Not just in the Hollywood movies, but fake id cards are almost everywhere and are spread around the entire world. The incident that took place at Indian board of alternative medicines Kolkata Campus has once again proved the fact that fake Identity card has become a social cancer! The five young boys, who could have done lot better by studying, instead took refuge to a not so frequent way of duplicating their identity card. An UGA student was the alleged ringleaders and all the five students were all charged in the indictment with five felony counts each of manufacturing and distribution of fake identification documents containing unauthorized seals. Alternative medicine has a rich and long history and it is about striking the right natural balance in order to yield maximum health and vitality for leading a naturally healthy lifestyle. Is Indian board of alternative medicines fake? Never!

As a matter of fact the Accreditation papers are available on

Studies, here at the Indian board of alternative medicines thus involve a variety of holistic methods, which includes but not limited to naturopathy, massage therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic methods, hydrotherapy and more.untitled

Success cannot be achieved overnight. Possibly the five guys failed to understand this simple fact hence tried entering the hall with fake Id cards.

And not to mention they all were convicted and penalized for manufacturing fake identification cards to enter the examination centre.

There is no shortcut to success. There is no magic wand to help you in becoming successful and your success depends on you, on your will power, your dedication and on your commitment.


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