True story of students entering the Indian Board of alternative medicine examination hall with fake ID cards

It was around 10.30 in the morning. The bright sunlight created a Kafkaesque image on the window pane. The campus of Indian Board of alternative medicine was relatively silent. Students were silently heading towards the examination hall. And this was exactly when the tranquility was wounded by a sudden hue and cry. “Fake id card sir” – the security guard briefed me as I quizzically stared at him. I almost rushed at the examination hall to have a thorough understanding of the incident. untitled

We are taking about the recent incident where five students were found in possession of fake identity cards at the examination centre of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Of course they have been penalized. So here is the whole story – it was around 10.30, the students were hitting the examination center. Five students tried entering the exam hall carrying fake ID cards. As a matter of fact, an UGA student was the alleged ringleaders and the five students were all charged in the indictment with four felony counts each of manufacturing and distribution of fake identification documents containing unauthorized seals. “The fake IDs were all well made. It appears that the students have worked hard to make sure that the holograms were [perfect].”- says the investigating officer.

They were stopped from entering the examination center and then were handed over to the law enforcing officers.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is not fake and it is a Government registered institution 1

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“Please note, you should carry a valid and acceptable ID when entering our examination center. Remember, if your name and other necessary details do not match the details on your registration, you won’t be allowed to take.”


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