Indian board of alternative medicines fake! A look into the age old treatment technique

DSC_0056Alternative therapy or treatment procedure has been in practice since long. Alternative therapy also involves spiritual, religious, metaphysical, innovative approach to healing. Yes, alternative medicines are almost five hundred in number and to name a few alternative medicine, are acupressure, herbal medicine, behavior health, meditation,  homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, massage therapy,  hypnosis, guided imagery, chelation therapy, acupuncture,  Christian Science, folk remedies, tribal-traditional medicine, megavitamins, self-help groups, reiki, flower therapy, pranic healing, reflexology, energy healing, Ayurvedic therapy and the list simply goes on. Yes, it has a lot of definition however as per the National Center it has been defined as group of different class of health and medical practices which do not fall under the category of present conventional medicine. However that does not make alternative medicine or the Indian board of alternative medicines fake. Rather it is important to mention here that it is an integrative medicine i.e. combinations of both alternative and conventional method of treatment.

Surprisingly in the field of medicine it has been traditionally perceived that only the conventional and mainstream medical treatments stands as the only acceptable means for treating patients with several diseases. However that is such a misconception and nowadays with the growing acceptance of alternative medicine techniques, which involves holistic therapies, natural herbs unconventional treatment methods, the Western standard has been opening up to these newer treatment techniques.

It is a rather holistic process that is proved to do wonders. Indeed alternative medicine has gained tsunami of attention as well as popularity and has gained trust by many people. Indeed it is advocated to different field in treatment especially in pain management, stress reduction and few preventive health therapies.

Alternative therapies work and there is also no denying that many patients have used alternative medicine and traditional therapies to complement each other. This is typically because alternative medicine is both holistic and preventative in nature and it also helps in the physical and psychological well-being of the patient. That’s right; alternative medicine also tries to be preventive than a therapy used after the symptoms appear.

It is however the best time to raft a niche in this ever evolving world of alternative medicines. However you should first determine which alternative medicine practice you would like to enter. Keep in mind you should also chose only a licensed and accredited college to take your career further northward.

Indian board of alternative medicines is not fake.  The Accreditation papers are available on

IBAM is also affiliated to the International Association of Educators for World Peace (Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC, UNICEF and UNESCO) and the Indian Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations.


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