Indian board of alternative medicines fake? Alternative medicines for breast cancer

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines FakeLet’s face the reality- right at the moment there is no cure for cancer. However, that does not mean that you won’t recover from cancer. As a matter of fact, recent record suggests that there are many people who have been able to recover from cancer and have been able to beat cancer as well.  Yes, it is all about leading long and productive life. This article is however based on the notion that breast cancer can be better treated with a multidimensional approach. Scientists and researchers opine that the best approach to treat cancer is however by including a nice balance between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Neither alternative medicine nor the Indian boards of alternative medicines are fake and the fact has been stated in bold that alternative medicine plays a big role in treating breast cancer.

The types of conventional cancer treatments however  include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and the staggering examples of alternative medicine on the other hand includes herbs, acupuncture, diet, supplementation, meditation, etc. There is hardly any denying that your chances of recovering from cancer is improved once you seek a multidimensional approach

Lifestyle and diet in treating breast cancer

Studies reveal that exercise helps women with breast cancer by stimulating immune activity, and by enhancing detoxification, thus by preventing and reducing obesity.  A study also revealed that increased level of physical activity helps in decreasing body fat and this is a reasonable approach towards changing insulin levels and leptin thereby influencing cancer prognosis. Alternative therapy such as light Yoga and meditation thus comes into play when it comes to the point of cancer prognosis.

Alcohol consumption has a direct association with the increased risk of breast cancers so try to cut down on that. Dietary soy also helps in reducing breast cancer risk, however women who already have breast cancer should cut down on their intake of dietary soy as it will augment the growth of the breast tumor.

Increasing the consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables is also important. A low fat and high vegetable diet help in cutting down the risk of recurrence.

Nutrients and Herbs

Alternative medicine however covers almost everything, ranging from the folk medicine to faith healing and even to therapeutic massage. Although the term is not clearly defined however it has a wide and broad sense, ranging from the use of herbs and other natural elements to psychological treatments. So, is the Indian board of alternative medicines fake? No, it’s not fake and the good news is an increasing number of people are now relying on alternative medicine because of its holistic approach.

As a matter of fact, a wide variety of nutrients and herbs have been studied for preventing and treating breast cancer. Here are a few –

CoQ10: CoQ10 is effective at improving the health of those with advance breast cancer.

Curcumin: This is found in the spice turmeric and it interferes with the growth factor stimulation of breast cancer cells.

Diindolelylmethane:. DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables and it stimulates the destruction of breast cancer cells.

Flaxseed Lignans: Flax seed can reduce tumor growth and help prevent the spread of breast cancer cells.

Green Tea: Green tea has a protective effect against breast cancer

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Found in fish oil and flax oil, Omega 3 Fatty acids helps in reducing breast cancer tumor

Indian board of alternative medicines is not fake and the good news is some alternative healing practice has become more accepted by the conventional medical community for treating breast cancer.


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