Indian board of alternative medicines not fake

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines FakeThe term alternative medicine has nowadays broken all the pits and boundaries and has stood apart as a far reaching concept, which describes a number of health and healing methods. Usually, when we say “alternative” we typically mean the medicinal and general health practices, products, which are typically not a part of the conventional medical systems of the society. Often referred to as “complementary” medicine, when used in when used with the conventional systems, the term can actually cover almost everything, ranging from folk medicine to faith healing and even to therapeutic massage. In fact, alternative treatment has now become a popular form of complementary options for traditional medicines. Although the term is not clearly defined however it has a wide and broad sense, ranging from the use of herbs and other natural elements to psychological treatments. So, with this yet another question looms large – is alternative medicine or is the Indian board of alternative medicines fake? No, it’s not fake and the good news is an increasing number of people are now relying on alternative medicine because of its holistic approach.

Honestly, one of the main reasons why people do not often opt for conventional treatments is because of its side effects. In fact, patients often suffer for months due to the side effects which the conventional treatment might cause. And this is exactly where alternative medicine and therapies play their part in curing illness, pain and symptoms of the diseases, naturally, and without any side effects.

However, because so many different approaches to wellness are lumped under the umbrella term – alternative healing, hence it can be often difficult to decide whether or not to take it seriously. Homeopathy, herbology, acupuncture, yoga, probiotics are however just a few choices which fall under alternative medicine. With this the pertinent question hangs – how are you supposed to know what is quackery and what actually works?

Ask your friend and colleagues and family if they have tried any particular treatment or practice. To be honest, you would be simply surprised to know that a huge number of people go outside of conventional medicine for alternate therapies. In fact, many a time we might have also used alternative medicine without even realizing it.

Indian board of alternative medicine is not fake and the good news is some alternative healing practice has become more accepted by the conventional medical community. Acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy are few of the many practices which has gained prominence in eradicating pain and other stress related disorder. Of course people find incredible results from alternative and complementary medicine.

Here are a few reasons of the enormous success of alternative therapy

Point 1: there are no side effects. Well, this is because alternative medicine typically works with the body. The holistic system thus does not suppress symptoms, as modern medicine does.

Point 2: The medicines are pretty much cost effective. This means even the most financially compromised family’s can also avail treatment.

Point 3: There is hardly any denying that alternative medicines are always ‘green’. This means, they use natural substances and real herbs.

Point 4: In one simple line, alternative therapy doesn’t just heal ailments but they also allow for growth!



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