Indian board of alternative medicines fake: All about alternative medicine

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines FakePossibly the only constant is change. Hence we align ourselves to be open and flexible.  Scientists have clearly stated that alternative medicine is the most the fastest growing health field and is typically the medicine of the future. So, is Indian board of alternative medicine fake? Do they really work? And the answer is a big yes because the fact has been etched in bold that alternative energy medicine remains as the fast track to a sense of wholeness, wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Honestly, alternative energy healing is something, which almost anyone can do and all that is required is open mind, positive attitude and of course clear intention. Alternative medicine is almost any healing practice, therapy or treatment, which is not accepted by the conventional medicine. Yes, alternative medicine is controversial and as Richard Dawkins puts it – “There is no alternative medicine. There is medicine that works, and medicine that doesn’t work.” It is also necessary to mention here that many people in fact swear that alternative medicine is a scam and has been typically designed to take your money and on the other hand their opponents claim that the conventional medical system is the scam. So let’s delve deeper –

What are the subheads of alternative medicine?

Quite like the conventional medicine, alternative medicine also includes a huge set of disciplines and also a complete set of state-of-the-art techniques.

Here’s a quick list of alternative techniques:

Acupuncture: This typical form of alternative healing includes using very thin needles on pressure points or energy centers for treating a number of illnesses.

Ayurveda: It is a varied collection of whole-body treatments with a staggering amount of success ratio

Chiropractic medicine: Well, it is all about adjusting the bones, tendons and ligaments treat a number of medical conditions

Herbalism:  Using herbs and sometimes other plant, fungus, and animal pieces for treating disease

Homeopathy: It is however a scientific process of treating conditions with tiny amounts of substances, which in large doses in fact cause the problem in the first place

Hypnosis: possibly you know this already, it is an altered state of awareness made up of both concentration and relaxation

Meditation: It is the age old process of practicing focused reflection to achieve the ultimate mental calm

Naturopathy: It is however a multi-disciplinary field using natural alternatives to treat illness

Nutritional therapies: It is a complete lifestyle change and it is all about modifying the diet to relieve various conditions

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): a multi-disciplinary field, which typically works on balancing the chi.

Yoga: It is about finding balance between the physical, mental and spiritual elements

Neither alternative medicine nor the Indian board of alternative medicines is fake. Alternative medicine is typically a broad and mainstream medicine in the variety of treatments available.


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