Indian board of alternative medicines fake?

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines FakeThere is no secret that alternative medicine has been proven as effective and helpful in treating and healing various types of diseases. The healing process however does not fall under the category of traditional method of therapies and healing approaches.  Still, conventional medical practices in a number of instances were substituted by the alternative treatments because the latter is safe to use and also work effectively.  In fact a bit of research will also help you to understand the fact that most health experts from all across the world has however concluded that natural therapies including naturopathy, nutritional based therapies, herbal therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, Ayurveda and hypnosis work effectively. As a matter of fact, alternative treatment has now become a popular form of complementary options for traditional medicines. Although the term is not clearly defined however it has a wide and broad sense, ranging from the use of herbs and other natural elements to psychological treatments.

Still the skeptic mind never ceases from asking the pertinent question is alternative medicine fake? Is the Indian board of alternative medicines fake?  The answer is however written on the wall and is a big and bold ‘NO’. An increasing number of people are now relying on alternative medicine because of its holistic approach. In fact one of the staggering reasons why people often do not opt for traditional treatments is because of the side effects that the medicine causes.  Needless to say, patients often suffer for months and even years and this is exactly where alternative medicine and therapies play their part in curing illness, pain and symptoms of the diseases, naturally, and without any side effects.

Okay, ask your friend or family if they have ever tried any alternative medicine and you will surprised by the number of people that go outside of conventional medicine for alternate therapies. In fact in many instances we have also used alternative medicine without even realizing it. Remember the days when grandma gave you her special chicken soup when you were sick? Or a friend suggested egg yolk mask for treating acne because that’s what her mom did? Those are just a few simple but great examples of alternative medicine, and a lot of research has been done that shows them to have real world value.

In most of the cases the life threatening diseases such as cancer is treated using radiation. However this popular treatment approach has side effects and this is exactly why herbal and Ayurvedic treatments have become popular healing approaches in such health conditions. Alternative therapies are also used in treating various types of diseases for instance kidney failure, allergy, cancer, blood pressure, psychological disorders, and asthma. Doctors and experts of alternative treatments have also claimed that they work better than other therapies.

The good news is even some alternative medicines have become more accepted by the conventional community. For instance Acupuncture, which is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, is considered helpful and effective in weight management, pain management and even in treating infertility. Neither alternative medicine nor the Indian board of alternative medicines fake! However it is important to take care when opting for alternative therapy. Be sure and do your homework well and only visit a licensed therapist to yield the maximum benefit of the natural healing process.


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